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Is Your Sports Bra Giving You Headaches?

Updated: May 6, 2021

Did you know your sports bra could be giving you headaches?!? 😳😣

T back or racerback sports-type bras(shown in yellow)cross right over the belly of the middle trapezius muscle. If you’ve ever had WHIPLASH or chronic overload of this muscle, it may contain active trigger points that refer pain up the neck, around the ear to the temple, and give “tension neck aches” or temporal headaches. When compressed it can refer pain to the blue highlighted areas.

A non-racer back style sports bra(shown in green) crosses over the acromion (bony top portion of the shoulder) is a better fit for someone who experiences a lot of shoulder tightness and is prone to headaches. This same issue applies to swimsuits as well! BUT(there’s always a but 😏) even this style of sports bra can irritate the Trapezius muscle if the straps are thin or too tight! Broad padded straps are usually best to prevent digging into the shoulder. There can be many other contributing factors to headaches. Read our blog '5 Tips for Dealing with Chronic Neck Pain' or "What's In Your Head?'

Our massage therapists at Bull City Soles get great results with our barefoot massage techniques working on the Trapezius, Levator Scapula, and surrounding upper back muscles and fascia. This helps release those active and latent trigger points that refer pain when compressed. If you are looking for a massage therapist in the Durham, NC area, you'll not find a more skilled team to address your "tissue issues".

If you suffer from tension headaches or migraines, schedule an appointment today with one of our massage therapists at Bull City Soles. We'd love to work with you and even help you find other self-care alternatives to help free you from chronic pain. You can schedule online anytime using our VAGARO app or you can call 919-477-9887 Monday-Friday 9 am - 2 pm to speak with our front desk to schedule a massage session. Same-day appointments may be available but it depends on the day and therapists available.

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