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Stretching Therapy

Stretching therapy is an effective way to release tension, reduce pain, and restore range of motion.

Our fascial stretch therapists work with clients to design customized stretching programs that gently target problem areas for relief from pain and stiffness and to improve function.

Benefits of Stretch Therapy

  • Reduce Pain. Stretching helps keep muscles limber, reducing pain from stiffness and lack of use. 

  • Strengthen Muscles. Stretching improves range of motion and reduces pain from strength training exercises, enabling clients to continue to work weak or under-utilized muscles and grow stronger.

  • Improve Circulation. Stretching therapies that target under-utilized joints and muscles increase circulation and blood flow in those areas, keeping the body healthy and functioning as it should.

  • Enhance Flexibility. Regular stretching helps keep the body limber and the joints adaptable and lubricated to prevent muscle atrophy and painful contractions.

30 minutes - starting at $65

60 minutes - starting at $100

90 minutes - starting at $135

Stretching therapy at Bull City Soles
Stretching Therapy at Bull City Soles

Stretching at Bull City Soles

Bull City Soles offers a customized combination of passive, assistive, and dynamic stretching therapies.


Passive Stretching Therapies require no effort from the client and are instead performed by the fascial stretch therapist.


Assisted Stretching Therapies require the client to perform some movement with help from the therapist.


Dynamic Stretching Therapies are controlled, moving stretches performed by the client under therapist supervision.

Stretching Therapy may be a stand-alone session wearing comfortable yoga-like clothing or added on at the end of a massage or bodywork session for deeper, more prolonged results. 

Stretching therapies at Bull City Soles

Passive Stretching Therapies (therapist-guided)

  • Static Stretching. A gentle stretch and hold for 30 seconds or until release is felt.

  • Facilitated Positional Release (FPR). Neutral positioning reduces tissue and joint tension, while an activating force is held for 2-5 minutes to facilitate myofascial release.

  • Strain/Counter-strain Therapies. Ideal for releasing hypertonic, restricted, cramping, or spasming tissues. 


Assisted Stretching Therapies (therapist-assisted)

  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF). A series of movements using isotonic contractions and releases to strengthen lax tendons. 

  • Pin & Stretch Myofascial Release. Active myofascial release technique involving therapist compression of a muscle and client or therapist movement of the muscle under tension.


Dynamic Stretching Therapies (client-guided)

  • These therapies are customized to the client's abilities and needs in consultation with a fascial stretch therapist. May be used in conjunction with Passive or Assisted Stretching Therapies.

Connect with Bull City Soles or consult your stretch therapist at your next appointment to explore adding stretching therapy to your wellness routine.


Specify in notes if you prefer a mat-based or table stretching session.


Enhance your barefoot massage experience by adding a 30/60-minute stretch session at the end or combined with a sauna.  Simply book your massage, and you'll have the option to include the stretch session as an add-on during the booking process.

For your stretch session, wear comfortable workout clothing that allows easy movement, making it convenient for the therapist to guide you through stretches effectively.

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