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Rolfing SI is a form of bodywork, client education and awareness that addresses the fascia, a type of connective tissue. Fascia permeates the entire body like a body suit and its role is to support and differentiate muscle tissue, bones, internal organs, and nerves. When we are injured, hurt, or develop bad postural habits, adhesions are formed and it ultimately affects the body's overall efficiency. Movement is then restricted or limited, and pain or dysfunction develops.

Imagine driving your car and you hit a pothole. After driving around with the tires in misalignment and out of balance, this eventually leads to uneven tire tread and fuel inefficiency. The little boy symbol below represents the misalignment of the body over time and how Rolfing reorganizes and restructures the body around "the line of the spine" and within gravity. Realigning the blocks to create balance. One of the main goals of Rolfing SI is to free adhesions and realign the fascia so that movement is less restricted and the body is operating more efficiently; with ease. Read more about Rolfing.

Benefits of Rolfing may:
  • Increase body awareness and movement

  • Decrease chronic pain, including back pain

  • Creates long-lasting structural change

  • Increase athletic performance, flexibility 

       and coordination

  • Provide headache/migraine relief

  • Treat sciatica

  • Give an overall sense of well-being

  • Improve energy levels and stamina

$130  60-minute session

$195  90-minute session

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A Pioneer

Dr. Ida P. Rolf (1896-1979) developed the theory and practice of Rolfing® Structural Integration(SI) out of a quest for alternative solutions to personal and family health issues. The limitations of modern medicine and her desire for more, lead her to explore manipulation and other forms of alternative healing such as yoga, osteopathy, chiropractic and Alexander techniques. Ida Rolf used her combined knowledge of science, a Ph.D. in biochemistry, scientific work in organic chemistry and alternative therapies, to develop a system of soft tissue manipulation and movement education that we now call Rolfing® SI. In 1971 she founded the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado. Today it is the main headquarters and the only school in the US that certifies Rolfers™, promotes research and public education about Rolfing, fascia, and soft tissue manipulation. There are additional international offices in Europe, Brazil, Canada and Japan.

Rolfing® SI versus Massage

Rolfing may seem similar to massage in several ways, but in the end, the goals, results and the integration of Rolfing set it apart from massage.  Both Massage Therapy and Rolfing can be used to loosen tight muscles, reduce stress, treat injuries and provide relaxation, but Rolfing's primary goal is to bring the body into balance and realign the body for long-term results. Rolfing sessions are also different than massage in that the client participates in the sessions with movement and breathing instead of just relaxing on the table. Inappropriate movement patterns that lead to dysfunction are addressed and correct. This process creates ownership and empowerment for clients to take control of their physical and mental health. 


During a Rolfing SI session, the client usually wears their underwear or other appropriate clothing such as 2 piece bathing suit for women, and NO racerback sports bras or T - back bras as they cover the mid-thoracic region so a regular bra is preferred. For men: briefs, NOT boxers, or comfortable clothing that doesn't restrict movement and yet allows work on upper legs, hips, and midback.   Another difference between Rolfing and massage:  oils or lotions are used in massage, but Rolfing uses little to no lubrication. The absence of lubrication allows the Rolfer to work through layers of fascia instead of just gliding over the tissue. 

Rolfing in Durham NC

Rolfing is most effective when done in the Ten-series or the "recipe". The goal of these ten sessions(sometimes 11-12 sessions) is to systematically balance the structure and function of the entire body by freeing restrictions/adhesions with sustained pressure, breath work and sometimes movement. Each Rolfing session has a functional goal, focuses on a targeted area and/or regions of the body and works toward establishing more effective relationships within the body, between the body and its environment.  By addressing the body in this systematic manner, the body is balanced within gravity from top to bottom, side to side, front to back, and inside to outside.


The frequency of the Rolfing ten sessions can range from one per week to every four weeks depending on the individual and their needs. Once the Ten-series is complete you may never feel the need to get another Rolfing session or you may choose to come back for "tune-ups" or an additional 3 or 5 series work to address more specific goals. Schedule a free consult to see if Rolfing would be a good fit for you.


Dear Julie,


"I've been thinking of all the ways in which Rolfing has changed me! I stand taller, with shoulders more open and wide, my step more balanced as I walk. My head moves more easily and I have become a "bobble-head" with more range of motion as I turn my head.


I love to sing and my breath is now deeper and effortless. I feel like there is more space inside to breathe deeper. And-- I am able to reach four higher notes than I could a year ago!


I had not even noticed how much my sense of smell had diminished in recent years until I drove home from a session with you and I could smell the outdoor air. I was now able to catch the scent of wild roses in bloom which I had missed this year. Honeysuckle! I can smell it walking past instead of having to try really hard to catch the scent close up.


The most amazing result is that the changes from each Rolfing session are lasting. There is no feeling two weeks later that we have to do it all again.


I will continue to come for "well-baby" sessions. Thank you for all you do to straighten out our world."


Personal letter from Jane

"Julie is an outstanding therapist. She is passionate about her work, has a unique skill set and has been responsive to my needs. I completed the 10 session Rolfing series with Julie and appreciate that she is skilled in not only using her hands, but also her feet when needed. By also using her feet, she has the strength needed for working with larger parts the body/muscles groups, is able to preserve her energy and has extra resources to better manipulate tissue. Sessions also include behavioral/lifestyle counseling regarding movement patterns to better serve the body. Through manual therapy, as well as movement coaching, Julie helped me retrain myself to stop inappropriately recruiting upper back and shoulder muscles for breathing and instead use my diaphragm and abdomen for deeper, more effective breathing. The results are less upper back and shoulder pain (improved quality of life) because the origin of the issue was identified and resolved and this has been sustained through the movement pattern change. Thank you, Julie!" 

Google Review Natalie T

"Julie is a delight. She is the consummate professional. As a Rolfer myself, I was very excited to find Julie and receive her style of bodywork. She easily finds your problem areas and resolves them as much as possible within a session. Her work is long lasting. She pays attention to all aspects of her working environment which makes your experience all the better. I highly recommend Julie for general bodywork or for specific and chronic problem areas."

Google Review Becky H

"I started seeing Julie, at my massage therapist's (repeated!!) suggestion for Rolfing. It has made an incredible impact on my body! I broke my ankle over 18 years ago and due to not ever having PT my ankle didn't flex much. After working with Julie I am able to achieve more flexion in the ankle and use my left leg better! So much so my riding instructor was amazed at how I could now actually use my left leg effectively in my riding!"​

Google Review Missy F

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