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Welcome to our online store! We have Bull City Soles t-shirts and several massage essentials and self-care items for purchase. We always encourage clients to continue their self-care at home with the use of cups, Tune-up therapy balls, or cold/heat packs to purchase after their sessions to help extend the results of their bodywork. These massage self-care items in addition to gift certificates make great gifts for friends and family as well! Grab one after your bodywork session or purchase them online to be shipped directly to your home.

Bull City Swag

Check out our new 'Barefoot is Better' T-shirts! We have women's cut t-shirts in Lagoon Blue, Minty Chalk, Watermelon, and Butter sizes from Small to X-Large. Men's cut comes in Crimson, Mystic Blue and Seafoam, sizes Large to 2-XLarge. If you are interested in a size that we don't have just let us know and we'll get it for you in our next order!

BCS Barefoot is Better tshirt

Lure Essentials Cups

Cupping is great for self-care! We use both the ENERGY and EDGE cups in our massage sessions at Bull City Soles and show our clients how to use them based on their issues. Most of the BCS team have them at home as well for their own self-care! They are great for treating chronic pain, boosting the immunity system via encouraging blood and lymph flow, and supporting and increasing athletic performance. The ENERGY cups are great for bony areas like the feet (great for plantar fasciitis), knees, rotator cuff, elbows, and hands. The EDGE cups can be used anywhere and you can vary the amount of suction and pressure. The LURE Essentials company has a great blog and instructional videos.

Lure Therapy Cups
Edge Therapy Cups

Roll Model® Massage Therapy Balls

These therapy balls are great for treating chronic pain, tight areas, and improve athletic performance. Good ole tennis balls and rollers are great, but these self-care therapy balls in various sizes and densities can get more specific and be extremely effective! The sets are great to travel with to take care of your aches and pains away from home. They also make great gifts! We give our clients specific instructions during our bodywork sessions on how to maintain the results of their session but here is a great online resource for specific uses.


Hot/Cold Flaxseed pillows

Large channeled flaxseed pillow. Used for covering large areas like the hips or the back or rolled up for a cervical pillow. It may be heated in the microwave for heat therapy or put in the freezer for cold therapy. It comes with a washable case made of 100% cotton. Weighs approximately 5 lbs. 

Little hot/cold flaxseed pillow. This little pillow is great for migraines or specific small locations. Pillow has channels so seed does not move all to one end. Comes with a washable pillowcase. Weighs approximately 8 ounces. 

Massage Gift Certificates

Bull City Soles has online Gift Certificates and specially priced Gift Packages with different massage sessions and self-care items in a gift bag that may be purchased online but have to be picked up in our Durham store. Or you may notify the recipient of purchase and they will receive their gifts when they schedule their service. If you purchase the Gift Card online, you have the option to print out and gift the recipient or you can schedule to have it emailed to them on a specific date. They are great for Birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, or any special day you want to give the gift of health to a loved one.

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