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Seasonal Sinus Relief Massage

Updated: Jun 5

Find sinus relief in Durham, NC

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? Finding natural and effective treatments can be challenging when seeking relief from sinus pressure, headaches, and congestion. Allergies, weather changes, and colds can cause painful sinus pressure, making it difficult to enjoy life. We are excited to introduce a new massage service in our Durham studio to alleviate these discomforts and provide some relief. Our Sinus Relief Massage Treatment offers a unique approach to treating these conditions, using various techniques and tools to target the affected areas directly.

What Is The Sinus Relief Massage Treatment?

facial cupping for sinus congestion relief

The Sinus Relief Treatment is a 30-minute session that involves a unique combination of barefoot massage to the upper shoulders and back and a focused cupping treatment to the chest, neck, and face to encourage lymphatic drainage. It is further enhanced with a hot towel compress, a heated eye pillow, and aromatherapy. This unique treatment method can be a stand-alone session or be added to a bodywork session, sauna, or cold plunge per the client's preference.

Who Would Benefit?

This new service is particularly beneficial for those who suffer from sinus pressure or headaches. It is also excellent for those dealing with congestion from seasonal allergies or those experiencing facial tension. The treatment can also benefit those who have undergone facial reconstruction, tumor removal or have experienced head trauma. Thus, the service is designed to cater to various needs and offer relief to a broad range of clients.

Sinus Relief Massage Combo: Infrared Sauna + Sinus Treatment

Adding a sauna session to your sinus treatment can help amplify the benefits. At Bull City Soles, we offer 20 and 30-minute infrared sauna sessions. We also provide hot/cold contrast therapy incorporating infrared sauna and cold plunging to boost immunity. These therapies are designed to enhance the effectiveness of the Sinus Relief Treatment and provide additional relief.

Self-Care Massage & Cupping for Sinus Relief at Home

We understand that you may not always have the time or funds to visit us as often as you need or would prefer. In such cases, facial cupping at home is a convenient and effective self-care solution. Facial cups are quick, easy to use, and great for relieving pressure at home. To learn more about facial cupping, visit our blog "Self Care: 6 Top Benefits of Facial Cupping".

Sinus pillows (hot/cold) can also be an excellent at-home remedy to relieve sinus pressure. They can provide additional comfort and relief, making them a perfect complement to our Sinus Relief Massage.

With our new Sinus Relief Treatment, you can find relief from discomfort and improve your overall well-being. So why wait? Book your Sinus Relief Treatment and Hot/Cold Therapy at Bull City Soles today and experience the ease and comfort our services can provide.

We look forward to serving you and helping you achieve a healthier and more comfortable lifestyle.


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