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About Us

Bull City Soles was founded in 2018 by Julie Hunt Marciniak, NCLMBT #2153.

In addition to offering massage and bodywork, Bull City Soles is equipped with an Infrared Sauna for heat exposure therapy to enhance mental and physical health and performance.

At Bull City Soles, our mission is to provide effective massage and bodywork to the Bull City community.


Offering the best barefoot massage, Rolfing structural integration and heat therapy in Durham, NC.

We help clients manage pain and chronic tissue issues by promoting self-awareness and self-care. 

Durham Center for Barefoot Massage

The Bull City Soles vision is to nurture and develop highly skilled, exceptionally well trained, and compassionate barefoot massage therapists to assist clients dealing with chronic pain and injury.


Hello, I’m Julie Hunt Marciniak, a dedicated bodyworker with 32 years of experience.


For two decades, I practiced as a solo therapist before taking the leap as the owner of North Pointe Body Therapies, now known as Bull City Soles.


Despite my initial reluctance to be an employer, I’ve embraced the challenge, even on days when I question my decision.


I believe God has gifted me with both mercy and touch, enabling me to assist others with their ‘tissue issues.’


My passion extends to teaching and mentoring fellow massage therapists, guiding them to recognize their full potential.


I’m deeply committed to nurturing their growth and other massage therapists with barefoot massage training at NC Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage.

Together we continue the journey of healing and learning.

Julie Marciniak Barefoot Instructor headshot.jpg
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