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Self Care: 6 Top Benefits of Facial Cupping

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Facial cupping is a great way to encourage lymphatic drainage of the head!

What is lymph?

Lymph is certain cellular waste or foreign substances(i.e., bacteria) that cannot be reabsorbed into veins. The lymph capillaries are very superficial, lying just beneath the surface of the skin, moving in one direction, and have no “pump” like the heart to move it. So it needs outside influences to move it. Breathing, movement, and manual bodywork & cupping!

It’s not difficult, but there are a few things you need to know about facial cupping.

1️⃣ Pressure should be light. Facial tissue is more delicate, and who wants cupping “hickies”, kisses, or red marks on their face?!?

2️⃣ You need to have the right kind of cups for the face. Again, the facial tissue is more delicate than the rest of the body. You have many angles and contours to work around.

3️⃣ Cups should always move slowly, not sit stationary or be “parked” in one spot. And over some areas, you don’t move at all; you lift & release. i.e., front of the neck due to an endangerment area containing nerves.

4️⃣ There’s an ORDER. Start at the chest and neck to clear the area and then face. Follow video.

5️⃣ Do one side of the face at a time. And keep continuous draining strokes down the side of the neck.

6️⃣ Drink lots of water after cupping. Hydrating the tissue is beneficial anytime, but especially after cupping.

We incorporate all types of cupping in our sessions at Bull City Soles. Clients with sinus headaches, congestion from seasonal allergies, colds, sickness, facial tension, post-facial reconstruction or tumor removal, or past head trauma can benefit from facial cupping.

We also love teaching our clients these techniques for self-care. We have the Glam Face cupping set from Lure Essentials available on our SHOP page, or you can pick them up when you schedule your next massage at Bull City Soles! We can give you personalized instructions during your sessions. Just ask your massage therapist prior to your session so they can factor it in while planning your session goals.


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