How Long Should My Massage Session Last?

Our massage sessions at Bull City Soles range from 30 minutes to 120 minutes. We offer a variety of appointment lengths so that we can work with our clients to accomplish the goals of the session. Some clients may be looking massage therapy to address stress relief or just relaxation. Most of our clients are looking for relief from pain, whether acute or chronic and treatment for structural dysfunctions.

The goals of the session and your comfort are our priority so we may use a variety of techniques within all of our sessions to accomplish that. With that being said, the longer length sessions will give your therapist more time to use a combination of different therapies.

When scheduling your first appointment with us, we recommend starting with a 60-minute massage.

A 60-minute massage will give your massage therapist time to do a thorough health intake, familiarize ourselves with your body, its issues, and also give you enough time to become more comfortable with your therapist as well. After your first session, both you and the therapist will have a better understanding of the what your follow-up massage sessions will look like and how long they should be. Read here for how often you should get a massage.

30-minute session

This session is perfect for specific spot work such as head/neck for headache relief, low back, or a shoulder issue. For clients dealing with chronic pain involving trigger points, we recommend short, frequent sessions like 2-3 times per week. It works well for some clients on their lunch break. A Rossiter treatment, barefoot floor massage, Range of Motion stretching session are all perfect for a 30-minute session and can be done with client fully clothed. A Cupping treatment is great for sinuses, scar treatment, sciatica or a specific injury. A 30-minute massage is not enough time for a full body massage.

60-minute session

A general full body massage can be accomplished in an hour, but it's not enough time to focus on any one area with a combination of techniques. If you are looking for just relaxation, then this is a perfect session length. Or you can use an hour session to do specific focus work on the legs, lower body or the back and upper body. If you have an issue that you want to focus on, in addition to a full body massage, then opt for a 90-minute session.

90-minute session

Perfect for a focused full body massage. This session seems to be the sweet spot for most people. Most clients who have experienced a 90-minute massage usually never go back to an hour. It's great for clients that have a difficult time winding down and need a more extended session to mentally and physically decompress.

120-minute session

A two-hour session may seem to be a little extreme to some, but seasoned massage connoisseurs love it! It's not recommended for newbies to massage. With this length of massage your therapist can do specific Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage, Deep Tissue work, Cupping and even some stretching and Range Of Motion.

When scheduling your massage, consider these suggestions and talk to your massage therapist. They will have some recommendations as to session length but starting with a 60-minute session is a great start. You can always come back for more extended sessions!

There are several options to schedule your massage appointment: you can schedule online (most convenient method), email or call 919-477-9887 Monday through Friday 9am-2pm when we have front desk staff available. If you miss us, please leave a message and we'll get back with you as soon as possible! If you are a first time client and want to know what to expect, read our blog, Your First Massage Session at Bull City Soles.

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