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The Benefits of Massage & Bodywork

Updated: Jun 5

Durham Massage

Bull City Soles offers Massage Therapy and Rolfing Structural Integration, depending on your needs. Massage and bodywork can help with various health and wellness goals, general aches and pains, back/neck/shoulder pain, stress relief, and many other issues. There are numerous benefits of massage, and scientific evidence has proven that massage is one of the best methods, not surgery or drugs, for treating pain.

Many of our clients come to us looking for relief after all other conventional-recommended treatments have failed: drugs, i.e., painkillers, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants, chiropractic, and physical therapy.

While having the research to validate the effectiveness of massage is great, what's more important, is the results you can see and feel when getting off the massage table. Many clients have expressed that they wished they had tried bodywork first BEFORE surgery. The many benefits of massage and Structural Bodywork include but are not limited to:

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Reduce muscle tension

  • Increased range of motion

  • Relieve stress, anxiety, & depression

  • Prevent sports injuries

  • Increase recovery time

  • Help Fibromyalgia pain

  • Improve cardiovascular health

  • Relieve tension headaches

  • Boost immunity

  • Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Ease insomnia

  • Relieve postoperative pain

Our therapists are licensed and highly qualified to provide quality massage & bodywork therapy. We have 50+ years of experience and knowledge of advanced massage/bodywork techniques such as Trigger Point Therapy, Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage, Deep Tissue, and Structural Bodywork.

Barefoot Massage in Durham

We work together as a collaborative team with an emphasis on a strong client focus and relationship.

Below is a review from a client's mother suffering from a concussion and resulting soft tissue issues. Determining a treatment plan, our staff worked together combining Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue, and Rolfing® to help her get back to living the normal life of a teenager.

"I can't say enough about Julie. My 16 yo daughter has suffered from debilitating chronic tension headaches brought on by 2 concussions since Oct. 2014. In the last two years, she has seen multiple specialists, spent days in the hospital for the DHE infusion, several ER visits for the migraine cocktail, and countless drugs with very unpleasant side effects. We've tried Acupuncture, chiropractic care, dry needling, and biofeedback, but NOTHING has compared to Rolfing. We have seen more improvement in just a few months than we saw in the last two years. My daughter has gone from spending 2-3 days a week in bed with headaches to feeling better than ever and able to get back to a normal daily routine. Julie customizes her services for each of her clients. She researches individual needs and then targets that need and gets results. She also shows so much care and compassion and goes above and beyond what is expected. My daughter no longer takes pain meds for headaches and continues to improve under Julie's guidance. I wish we had known about Rolfing a long time ago." - Kristin Google Review


Bull City Soles massage and bodywork studio in Durham, NC has the advanced training to help you with your hip & back pain, neck issues, foot pain, shoulder/rotator cuff pain, arthritis, joint replacement recovery, and other chronic pain issues! Click HERE to schedule your next appointment!


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