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Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage

Effective Bodywork for Pain Relief & Relaxation 

Looking for Pain Relief?

Are you tired of endless tests and doctors saying they can't find anything wrong, but you still hurt? Are you unhappy with your physical therapy progress, or are you fed up with medications that have too many adverse side effects? We have helped others who thought that surgery or drugs were their only choice. 

Living with chronic pain doesn't have to define your life. We can help!


We are a unique massage and bodywork studio located in Durham, NC.  We specialize in Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage where we use our feet.  Why Ashiatsu? 

  • It provides deep pressure 

  • It's broad and not painful or pokey like elbows and knuckles

  • It saves the therapist's hands from overuse and injury


We promote WHOLElistic health and wellness in a safe and nurturing environment, helping people recover from chronic pain conditions such as back pain, headaches, whiplash, hip/knee pain, shoulder injuries, or surgery. Barefoot massage and bodywork is our specialty, but meeting individual needs is our priority. If you live or work in Bull City and the surrounding Triangle and you're looking for a massage or bodywork, SCHEDULE NOW with one of our skilled massage therapists today. We would love the opportunity to help you move and feel better! 

Our Services

Decrease chronic back pain

Barefoot Massage

Prices starting at

30 min - $55

60 min - $90

90 min - $125

Rolfing Structural Integration

Rolfing SI®

60 min $150

90 min $210

"Hayley was very informative as I asked questions during the massage. Her attention to my trouble spots and asking if the pressure was okay was welcomed. This was my first experience with Ashiatsu massage and I am a believer. I would highly recommend Hayley."  James


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