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Do you Struggle with Pain?

Updated: Jun 5

Have you hurt yourself, visited your physician, or even gotten X-rays or an MRI, but there's no visible explanation for your pain? Chronic pain statistics show that three million U.S. adults suffer from daily pain; of those in pain, 27% suffer from lower back pain, 15% from severe headache or migraine pain, and 15% from neck pain.

My experience has been that the medical field is failing the public when addressing soft tissue injuries. It seems too simple that muscle or connective tissue can cause depilating headaches, back pain, shoulder pain, or other issues. It CAN, and it DOES!!

Chronic pain or injuries usually lead an individual to make an appointment with their Primary Care Physician. A muscle relaxer or cortisone injection may be prescribed, and their issue is considered "fixed." That may not be the case; muscle relaxers and cortisone injections only mask the problem; they do not treat the injury's cause. More than likely, the pain comes back after a period of time.

Most of our clients find us looking for relief after all other doctor-recommended treatments have failed.

Whether it's drugs, i.e., painkillers, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy(PT), or even surgery, while all these methods are valid and have their place, most people fail to realize how powerful and healing touch can be and the therapeutic value of massage and bodywork.

Massage is more than the relaxation portrayed in commercials for Massage Envy and the other mainstream massage chains.

Relaxation massage has its place and is extremely beneficial for many conditions other than stress relief. But other types of massage are very powerful and can do so much more.

Durham Massage Therapy for Pain Relief

As a practicing massage & bodywork for over 28 years, it still amazes me when people ask me if massage or Rolfing can help with headaches, rotator cuff injuries, back pain, or hip pain. Most believe surgery or a pill is their only choice, which is not true. I was a Physical Therapist(PT) aide for a few years after graduating from massage school. I worked with workers comp and accident patients, teaching them exercises and stretches and working on them with hands-on therapy: trigger point, Deep Tissue, and ultrasound.

Most patients made a 100% recovery with 2-3 times per week visits for a 6-8 week treatment period. If they hadn't reached 100% improvement within that period, then the Physical Therapist and Neurologist would consult and prescribe another round of PT or injections as the next treatment stage. Unfortunately, today, hands-on therapy in PT is not the norm.

Best massage in Durham NC

Here at Bull City Soles, we have an excellent team with a broad range of experience and commitment to providing exceptional bodywork for health, wellness, and pain relief, whether the technique is Deep Tissue, Barefoot Massage, Sports Massage, Prenatal Massage, Cupping, or a combination of any of the above. We use a variety of techniques based on the client's desires and needs. And unlike drugs, there are no unpleasant side effects!

Massage and bodywork are a great place to start BEFORE considering drugs and surgery.

It's an excellent complement to Chiropractic, PT, and Acupuncture and can give you much better results when combined with these alternative treatments. Always consult with your doctor first. Here's a testimonial from one of our clients on how Rolfing has helped her.

"Cannot say enough good things about Julie. After a few sessions of Rolfing, I quit refilling my Imitrex migraine medication. It has now been 3 years, and I am still headache free!!! Thank you!" Cathy


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