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What our clients are saying:

Hayley was very informative as I asked questions during the massage. Her attention to my trouble spots and asking if the pressure was okay was welcomed. This was my first experience with Ashiatsu massage and I am a believer. I would highly recommend Hayley!

- James


Quan is a lifesaver! I'm someone who has struggled with repetitive strain from hours at the laptop (tension in hands, arms, neck, and back) and muscle & soft tissue tightness from years of long-distance running, and Quan has helped me progress on the healing path in leaps and bounds. He is incredibly effective at increasing joint mobility, loosening tight muscles and scar tissue and improving overall posture. His expertise in sports massage and calm and calming demeanor bring lasting results head to toe. Highly recommended!

- Chase

I'd add that I have tried many different massage techniques over the years and am grateful to have found Bull City Soles almost three years ago. The staff are all so friendly and knowledgeable, and it's easy to schedule or manage your appointments. Love the tranquil office vibes too. I only wish I'd found them sooner!


My husband & I were searching for a new massage place. We preferred it be local, & especially wanted a place where they attend to your individual needs & really make a difference. BULL CITY SOLES, in Durham NC, is all of these things & more! ASHIATSU massage was something I had never experienced before. It is incredible!
SARAH is thoughtful, caring & very attentive to my needs each time I go there. The pressure & focus is always RIGHT. I always feel better when I leave the tranquility of BULL CITY SOLES. Ashiatsu is beyond any other massage experience I have ever had - using a strong base knowledge of anatomy & physiology, all parts of the feet (& sometimes the hands), some gravity & some physics! I CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE HIGHLY ENOUGH!!!

- Heather


I've had a lot of massages in my life but the barefoot massage technique at Bull City Soles was by far the best experience I've ever had. My first massage there was an all-over body massage which was fantastic. This week I went back to specifically address incredible pain in my hip area. Carly was amazing and really worked out the inks for me. It truly "hurt so good"! I went back today and she continued to work on my problem area and boy can I tell a difference! I am so thankful for the relief and will definitely be returning!!

-- Sonja

Battling a back injury for nearly a month, I was given many ideas about what to do. Two friends from church recommended Bull City Soles. I made the call and was scheduled the next day. This was the first time I have ever sought out a massage for such an injury, so I was skeptical. I am so surprised at how well I felt, even just an hour after the appointment. And the day after I feel the best I have felt in over a month. I’m a fan! I have already scheduled another appointment for next week. I highly recommend this service! Thanks! 

-- Aaron


Wonderful business with amazing staff! They take time to truly listen to your needs and pain points, then use this information to set up a plan specifically for YOU! Very satisfied with all aspects of doing business here.

-- Amber



My experience has been fantastic! What I once thought was just a place to go to be pampered has become a life changer for me. Parts of my body that had been messed up for years are now functioning the way they are supposed to. I feel so much better thanks to Sarah who has been a blessing to me! Julie and her staff are awesome!! 

-- Terry



I can't say enough about Julie and BCS. My 16 yo daughter has suffered from debilitating chronic tension headaches brought on by 2 concussions since Oct. 2014. In the last two years, she has seen multiple specialists, spent days in the hospital for the DHE infusion, several ER visits for the migraine cocktail, and countless drugs with very unpleasant side effects. We've tried Acupuncture, chiropractic care, dry needling, and biofeedback, but NOTHING has compared to Rolfing therapy with Julie. We have seen more improvement in just a few months than we saw in the last two years. My daughter has gone from spending 2-3 days a week in bed with headaches to feeling better than ever and able to get back to a normal daily routine.  My daughter no longer takes pain meds for headaches and continues to improve under Julie's guidance. I wish we had known about Rolfing a long time ago.

-- Kristen



I've never met a more knowledgeable staff of therapists regarding how to adjust and massage my connective tissue from 20 years of built-up chronic pain!  I can't wait to also start Rolfing SI with Julie as well! If you simply want a tranquil and relaxing deep tissue massage, this is your place, but if you are experiencing chronic pain, this is the place to stay and watch your pain start to melt away! Beautiful place, beautiful staff! Namaste.

– Ashley R



Sarah is a great therapist and I would recommend her.  Absolutely amazing staff with knowledge like you wouldn't believe. Always super helpful and willing to talk to anybody. Always really personable and the building is kept spotless. If you have never had one of these massages I promise after this will be the only kind and the only people you to go to. 

– Harvey W



Everyone is very professional and it has to be the best massage I have ever had. I tried this studio for the first time recently and was thoroughly impressed. And I have had them everywhere. I have back, neck, and shoulder issues from my time in the military and sports. My therapist worked out so many aches and pains that I felt like a new man for days after.



My first visit to BCS. My son had went for the “barefoot” walking massage and gave me a certificate for Mother’s Day. I loved it and felt great that evening after I had took a short nap. I would recommend everyone try this type massage. Latasha was so thoughtful and explained the process and would highly recommend her.

-- Tina L



Had my first Ashiatsu massage and it was amazing!! I just had a baby and so I had upper back pain and she went above and beyond in my massage. She did everything with such care and was focused on making my back feel better. She did extra with my neck and head and it was wonderful. Highly recommend BCS!

-- Lauren Y



I suffer from chronic neck/should/back pain. This was one of the best investments in my personal well-being EVER. The ONLY issue I had with my service was that it had to end.

-- Angela J


Julie Marciniak is truly fabulous -- I have been a fan of Rolfing for twenty years, and she exceeded my expectations! I should have known because the person who suggested her to me was my former (now retired) Rolfer. He definitely knows the best. Thanks for a great experience!

Judy S



I can not emphasize this enough - I have lived with back pain for so long that I didn't know what it was like to not have pain. Leaving BCS I couldn't stop smiling - I felt "normal" again! I highly recommend this for your pain relief and massage needs.  Easy to sign up for appointments, extremely knowledgeable and inviting staff and fantastic experience. I have had chronic back pain for many years from sports and recently really needed relief. I signed up online which was seamless and was greeted at the door by my experienced therapist, Julie. I told Julie my problem areas and within minutes I could feel the blood flowing better to those areas.

– William J



The ashiatsu massage was, by far, the best and most therapeutic massage I have ever received. It was my first, it won't be my last and I won't go back to "traditional" massage. Everybody was wonderful. Very friendly staff and a great atmosphere.

John H



Excellent experience! These therapists really care and are so skilled in various massage techniques! They incorporate what's needed for you. Sarah really "unstuck me" and helped fix my foot! Yay!

-- Doreen

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