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What's in a Name?

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Do you ever think about how a business chooses a name? Or why they change their name? Change of location, status, or name no longer represents who they are... Hmmm. For the last year, I have thought about nothing else! Since my co-worker and friend, Mary McFarland left in 2017; it was the final nail in the coffin for North Pointe Body Therapies(NPBT).

We officially changed our name to Bull City Soles!

Best massage in Durham

Clients have been asking, Why? And Why now? Well to answer this question you may want to check out our previous blog, 'Bull City, Bodywork, Life & Change,' for more details about the history of North Pointe Body Therapies. Or you can skip it and get to the point of my WHY.

1. Change of location. We moved from the North Pointe area over five years ago. Because of our name, most people don't look at our address; they assume we are in the North Pointe area. At the time of the move, I was too consumed with the massive renovations that took place to tackle a name change. The timing wasn't right.

2. NPBT was created in 2006 by three independent Massage Therapists so we could share a location under one sign. After December 2017, I was the only one left. Nothing was holding me back from building a name and brand that was solely mine. ;)

3. Change of status, that ties into reason #2. In 2015 I hired my first employee. For 20 years, I said I would NEVER, EVER have employees. I only wanted to rent space to other therapists. I didn't want the responsibility, the hassle, and everything else that was involved in having employees versus renters. Never, never, EVER say never! LOL. Once I realized the potential of having employees, and that I had something valuable to offer them, NPBT began to evolve as it no longer represented my vision; To nurture and develop a talented, highly trained and caring team of massage therapists capable of helping clients with chronic pain and injuries.

4. Finally, I was ready for a change, and I wanted a name that was unique and reflected what we did here. We use our feet! We massage with our feet, Rolf with our feet and we train other Licensed Massage Therapists how to transform their career with THEIR feet using barefoot massage.

So for months and months, I had been thinking, dreaming, and "brain-dumping", as a colleague recommended, and I finally came up with Bull City Soles.

Bull City, aka Durham, is cool, hip, RELEVANT, and part of its history resonates with me. My very first memory of moving here was driving through the downtown area of Durham and inhaling the sweet smell of cured tobacco. It reminded me of my hometown, Fairmont, NC. Fairmont was a major tobacco market for the south. I grew up on the family farm in the tobacco fields since the age of 5. Not ALL of those memories are fond, LOL, but they are a part of who I am and my WHY.

The Soles part personally represents much more than the physical barefoot massage and bodywork we do here. While our focus here at Bull City Soles primarily focuses on helping people with pain by providing massage and Rolfing® SI, whether most realize it or not, there's a spiritual aspect to any bodywork. When someone lies down on your table, they are placing themselves in a vulnerable position; putting their well-being into our hands or FEET, whether they are looking for pain relief, injury recovery, or getting away from the stresses of life for a few moments. We have the opportunity to touch a deeper part of them. That's why touch is such a powerful thing and why we value the soles AND souls that walk through our doors.

So Bull City Soles was born! Same feet, new name. ;) 👣 We have several scheduling options available we look forward to getting you under our soles soon!

1. Online (our most convenient method)

2. Email

3. Call 919-477-9887 M-F 9 am - 2 pm


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