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Cold Plunge

Cold water immersion or deliberate cold water exposure has impressive benefits for your overall health, mental fitness, and recovery. It may be paired with an Infrared Sauna, a bodywork session, or as a stand-alone wellness ritual all within a private room.

Cold Plunge Benefits

Other Benefits of Cold Water Immersion

  • Boosts mood

  • Clearer, Tighter Skin

  • May extend life span

  • Elevated Energy

  • Fat-burning, regulating blood sugar

  • Weight loss

  • Prolonged release of Dopamine

Cold Plunge Sessions

Cold Plunge sessions may be combined with a sauna session (see Contrast Therapy) and/or massage/bodywork sessions. Our Cold Plunge temperature is kept at 50º Fahrenheit, if you would like a lower temp please contact us prior to scheduling online.

  • 15 minutes - $25 ​

*Bring a friend for an additional $10!

To book a buddy session, call 919.477.9887

Cold Plunge immersion

Cold Plunge
Tips & Protocols

  • Wear a swimsuit during your plunge.

  • Don’t cold plunge within 2-3 hrs of a workout if you are looking for muscle growth.

  • Use provided towels to dry off after your plunge.

  • For optimal benefits, it is recommended to stay in the cold plunge a maximum of 2-5 minutes. But never stay in longer than you are comfortable with.

  • Do not wear lotion or body oil in the plunge.

  • Do not use soaps or body washes in the plunge.

  • If you have any medical conditions that could be affected by cold therapy, be sure to check with your doctor before plunging. 

Durham Cold Plunge

Contrast Therapy

Heat up in our infrared sauna, followed by a 3-minute or more dip in our cold plunge, or reverse the order depending on your goals. Hot/Cold therapy has long been used to help with recovery, including chronic pain and stress. All within a private room. Towels provided.

How to best use Contrast Therapy

1. Start with a sauna for 10-15 minutes.

2. Take a cold plunge for 2-3 minutes.

3. Next, sit in the sauna for 10-15 minutes.

4. Follow and end with a cold plunge. Repeat this cycle as desired. 

The more regular and frequent your contrast bath therapy sessions, the greater the long-term benefits. Many of the studies conducted on using contrast bath therapy have found significant differences between those who only dabble in the practice off and on and those who perform it at least four days a week on average.

  •     30 minutes - $40 

  •     60 minutes - $75​

*Bring a friend for an additional $10!

To book a buddy session, call 919.477.9887


When is the best time to do a cold plunge?

We recommend cold plunging in the mornings or early in the day for increased energy and not too close in the evening close to your bedtime as it may affect your sleep quality unless its followed by a sauna session.

Who should NOT use the cold plunge?

People who are / have:

  • ​Poor circulation

  • Diabetes

  • Underlying heart issues

How long is each session?

  • Cold Plunge: up to 15  min

  • Contrast Therapy: 30 or 60 min

How often should I cold plunge?

Studies show that a cumulative of 11 minutes per week is a great practice for maximum benefits.

What should I wear during my cold plunge session?

For a cold plunge, IF you choose to wear something we recommend a swimsuit, sports bra, or shorts/trunks. The room has a privacy lock.

How much of my body should I submerge?

To get the most out of cold plunging, submerge your entire body, even your head briefly if you can. The total body dip exposes your whole body, thyroid and back of the neck, which elicits a more dramatic hormonal response.


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