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What Can Rolfing® SI Help With?

Updated: May 6, 2021

Do you have aches and pains that you have developed as you have aged and feel like it's just part of life and something you have to deal with? Or have you had minor(or major) injuries in the past, recovered, and for years did just fine, but you're suddenly having issues that SEEM to come out of nowhere? Does massage help, but the results don't last? Have you thought about trying Rolfing Structural Integration(SI)?

Find better balance with Rolfing Structural Integration in Durham NC

Here's a testimony from Jane, a 78-year-old client that completed the Rolfing® series at the recommendation of her daughter, a Massage Therapist. She looked to improve a couple of issues with her hips, balance, and neck.

"Dear Julie, I've been thinking of all the ways in which Rolfing has changed me! I stand taller, with shoulders more open and wide, my step more balanced as I walk. My head moves more easily and I have become a "bobble-head" with more range of motion as I turn my head.

I love to sing and my breath is now deeper and effortless. I feel like there is more space inside to breathe deeper. And-- I am able to reach four higher notes than I could a year ago!

I had not even noticed how much my sense of smell had diminished in recent years until I drove home from a session with you and I could smell the outdoor air. I was now able to catch the scent of wild roses in bloom which I had missed this year. Honeysuckle! I can smell it walking past instead of having to try really hard to catch the scent close up.

The most amazing result is that the changes from each Rolfing session are lasting. There is no feeling two weeks later that we have to do it all again. I will continue to come for "well-baby" sessions. Thank you for all you do to straighten out our world." Jane


The results for Rolfing are different for everyone. Some individuals feel taller, move easier, have less pain, have better balance, sleep better, and many other benefits. The primary goal of Rolfing is the alignment of the body, but when the body is aligned, things work more efficiently, effectively, and BETTER! If you are looking for bodywork that provides more lasting changes, maybe you should consider Rolfing. If you've never tried barefoot massage with one of our Massage Therapists at Bull City Soles, we suggest you start with them first. Our Therapists will refer clients if they think they would benefit more from Rolfing SI.

We also have Sarah, a Structural Integrator on staff. Its the same type of Structural Bodywork as Rolfing, just different schools. Call 919-477-9887 or use our convenient online scheduling to book a massage or Structural Bodywork appointment at Bull City Soles. Want to learn more about Rolfing® SI? Read our blog post 'Why Rolfing Structural Integration'. Follow us on our Instagram or Facebook page to get last-minute appointment availability, self-care tips, and other helpful information.


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