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Health Benefits of Massage for Athletes

Updated: May 5, 2021

Are you an athlete trying to achieve optimal physical performance? Or a weekend warrior? Regular massage, especially barefoot massage, is great for athletes! It has many benefits, including the following:

👣 Reduce muscle tension, stiffness & soreness

👣 Improve endurance

👣 Reduce fatigue and risk of injury

👣 Increase range of motion & flexibility

👣 Reduce pain and inflammation

👣 Improve performance and recovery

👣 Increase body awareness or proprioception

Range of Motion Massage and Stretch Therapy in Durham, NC

Let's discuss the last benefit, body awareness, or proprioception. What is it, and why would that be important?

Proprioception is the ability to recognize the orientation of your body in space or your body position. A simple example of proprioception would be closing your eyes and touching your nose with your index finger, or standing or balancing on one foot, or being able to walk or kick without looking at your feet.

Body awareness increases the brain’s relationship with the muscles(especially in the lengthened position), joints, and the ability to monitor every receptor and reflex involved with muscular coordination and function. These sensory receptors are located on your skin, joints, and muscles. When we move, our brain senses the effort, force, and heaviness of our movement and spatial positions and responds accordingly. Increasing this communication between the brain, muscles, and sensory receptors help the athlete know exactly what their body's limits are and prevent them from pushing beyond those boundaries, which could lead to injuries.

How can regular massage help with body awareness? Many clients find that routine bodywork reveals where their body is tight, restricted, or painful. While receiving bodywork, clients frequently comment, "I didn't realize that was tight!" or "That area wasn't bothering me until you touched it!" Many of us take our body for granted and assume it will meet the demands we place on it.

Quality stretching is also a great way to increase body awareness. Every BODY needs more stretching! Range of Motion and assisted stretching therapy can be included within your 69/90/120 minute sessions at Bull City Soles.

The Best MassageTherapy in Durham, NC with assisted stretching


Massage and bodywork are powerful tools when you have the right massage therapist. Even if you're not an athlete, we can help you with those chronic aches and pains! Bull City Soles massage and bodywork studio in Durham, NC has the advanced training to help you with your hip & back pain, neck issues, foot pain, shoulder/rotator cuff pain, arthritis, joint replacement recovery, and other chronic pain issues! Click HERE to schedule your next appointment!


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