Sarah Foote

Specializing in Advanced Ashiatsu, Cupping, Ashi-Thai,   & Structural Integration.

Sarah Foote Massage Therapist

It has always been important to me that all people feel healthy, comfortable, and confident. I pursue a path where I can both treat and nurture advocacy. It is inspiring to see individuals grow, achieve their goals, and enjoy their daily lives through healthy and improved body positional patterns. There is nothing better than to see those I work with self-actualize.


Upon graduating from Miller-Motte's massage therapy program and achieving LBMT licensure, I obtained advanced training in Ashiatsu barefoot massage. Since then, I continue to implement these techniques to create personalized care for each of my clients.


My current focus lies in building upon these approaches with new methodology and training through the lens of Structural Integration (SI). I have completed the Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (ATSI) certification program and am looking forward to incorporating these approaches in my practice.


My love of learning, progress, and growth – matched with my interest in my client's lives – enable me to go beyond merely managing pain and "meeting them where they are." Collaborating with each client and their personal needs, we discover new ways to improve function that ultimately enables them to succeed. 


When I am not practicing bodywork, you can find me way out in the country. My husband and I recently purchased our forever home. There is plenty of dirt to dig in and an orchard that is teaching us many of life's hard-learned lessons. 


Plans for our little homestead's future include a wildflower meadow with walking paths, free-range chickens (they are the best ground cultivators I know), bees for the blooms, and I hope a couple of milk goats to browse around. Getting back to my roots as a self-sufficient farm family appeals to my soul.