Meet Sarah Foote, LMBT #15305

Meet Sarah Foote, one of our veteran Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapists at Bull City Soles in Durham, NC. I knew when I met her in one of my barefoot classes that I wanted her on my BCS team. She thought I was joking when I offered her a job, but she called me back a couple of weeks later and accepted. I'm so grateful she did! Don't let her little sweet southern voice fool you. She's got lethal foot skills. ;)

"Hi, I'm Sarah Foote. I graduated from massage school and obtained my LMBT certificate on December 23, 2015.

I took my first Ashiatsu training class in June 2016 with Julie, who offered me a position during the course. SCORE!! Within that first year of working here, I took every single barefoot massage training that was available. You could say that I am an Ashiatsu massage addict!

For physical activity, when I'm not walkin' all over clients ;), you'll find me jogging on local trails around town or being with family, or working at grandma's in the yard and cutting grass.

My favorite moment of any day is home with my husband and my four-legged furry babies. It doesn't matter if we are fixing up the yard or just relaxing on our little sofa all snuggled up. These are the best times.

Deciding to become a massage therapist has been one of the most rewarding choices I've ever made!

It wasn't a snap decision or one that I took lightly. Going to school meant sacrificing time with my family. I spent significant amounts of time commuting and placing a financial strain on my husband since he supported me while attending school. I would do it all over again in a second!

Never have I ever felt like I am exactly where I'm meant to be and where I can make a difference in the lives around me.

I have been practicing massage for four years now and couldn't be happier! When I graduated from school, I initially thought that I would be doing things a little bit differently. I thought that I would be more involved with energy work and expanding my clientele to the four-legged kind, specifically working with felines. Currently, I am not involved in energy work, and I do not have any cat clients, other than my own free loafing kitties at home! That's ok with me, though; it's ok not to do what you thought you'd be doing.

In my short career, there have been some significant changes to my practice. For one, I now use my feet predominantly to deliver massage and not my hands. It has been a lifesaver for my hands, wrists, and I have overall better body mechanics! PLUS, I can give more in-depth and more effective body treatments to clients. With my last name being FOOTE, I think it was meant to be! ;)

Another change is that I stopped using coconut oil as my primary massage medium. I am currently using cream and not nearly as much of it because getting a better grip on the fascia is my goal now. I found myself not doing as much gliding like Swedish-style massages focusing only on the muscles. I also learned cupping vacuum therapy, which I love and utilize in just about all of my sessions because it is incredibly useful.

I am pleased that I made the sacrifice in the beginning! So many doors have opened for me.

I have the opportunity to help others living with chronic pain find relief. I can share my knowledge and skills with my family members, continually learning something new. I love sharing my experiences with others and showing them that when you make plans. Sometimes, they don't always come to fruition exactly how you thought they would. And that's ok! It could turn out better than you planned or not happen on your timeline."

Sarah specializes in Advanced Ashiatsu barefoot massage, Cupping, Rossiter Level 1, and Structural Integration. She is available for appointments Monday 12 pm-5 pm, Tuesday 12 pm- 5 pm, Wednesday 10 am-4 pm, and every other Saturday. Let her help you effectively deal with stress, chronic pain, or whatever bodywork needs you have so you can get on with living a healthy life!

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