Getting To Know Tasha

Hi, I'm Tasha Clemons, a massage therapist at Bull City Soles(BCS). I originally wrote this blog in 2018 after I heard a song on the radio by Darius Rucker called “For the First Time”, the hook being, when’s the last time you did something for the first time. I had a lot of firsts in 2018! I went on my first cruise, I went rock climbing, started horseback riding, and the year before, in 2017 I learned barefoot massage! This past February 2019 marked two years that I’ve been at BCS!

When I’m working with my massage clients, they always want to know things like, how long I’ve been an Ashiatsu therapist? How long I’ve been a massage therapist? And why did I want to become a massage therapist?

My mom was a single mom, working two jobs, for the majority of my upbringing. One of those jobs was a waitress gig. I remember numerous times when she would come home and complain about her back, and/or feet hurting. My natural reaction was to massage her feet. Back then I was just rubbing trying to do the best I could, kind of like when your significant other tries to rub your back and feet! It wasn’t until my early twenties that I realized I could go to massage therapy school, and yes, literally a light bulb went off!! I went to college five days a week while bartending Thursday-Sunday nights. After graduating the massage therapy program in 2009, I took a break. A long break! Bartending was fast, fun, and easy! What I should mention, is that during this time I was overweight. I realized in my second massage school clinical that after three massage sessions I was exhausted. I wasn’t sure how I could ever see five clients a day, five to six days a week! Fast forward to 2013, I was tired of bartending 24/7 and started to realize the student loan debt I had accommodated needed to be paid off. Ugh.... student loans. So, I interviewed for a massage therapist position at a corporate spa and got the job.

Three years into my massage career, I was constantly fatigued, and seeing 20-25 clients a week (mainly deep tissue) was killing my body!

I had no energy at all!! I knew I had to change something. Now for the best part, I think.

January 2014, I started working with a friend (recent PT graduate), who offered to be my trainer three times a week, in exchange for a massage now and then. Who doesn’t like a good massage, right?! So I started training with him, monitoring my eating habits and lost 91 pounds in three years!! The weight was off of me, but the years of killing my body doing massage had taken a toll. I was ready to give up my massage career 'cause my shoulders were wrecked! I started searching for a Continuing Education massage class, something fun, that wasn't taxing on my body. Hello Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage!!

December 2016, I sent an email to BCS (then North Pointe Body Therapies) letting them know I was interested in learning ashiatsu and becoming part of the team. More than two years later and here I am! I've trained in all levels of barefoot massage, but my favorite is Range Of Motion(ROM). I love incorporating stretching within my sessions! I am also certified in Prenatal Massage. As a massage therapist, I have to find ways and techniques that are beneficial for my clients, as well as myself. Taking care of my body is what helps me maintain my career.

I love being outside and going on hikes in my free time. I enjoy the mountains and the beach. A few of my favorite things include coffee, flowers, sunsets, aquariums, and horse-back riding.

My available schedule at Bull City Soles is Wednesday 1 pm - 7:00 pm, Thursday 1 pm - 7 pm, Friday 10 am - 5 pm, and every other Saturday from 9 am - 1 pm. Schedule an appointment today so we can work together to meet your health and wellness goals!

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