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Do You Have a Workout Buddy?

Updated: May 5, 2021

Workout buddies are great for motivation, accountability, and a little friendly competition but do you watch each other’s form or posture? Do you know what to look for?

From a Rolfer’s perspective, I’m always critiquing people's posture and form even when I’m not working. #icanthelpit 😆 But that’s part of my Rolfing training, to look for compensations, lack of support, and/or imbalances.

At home, I ride the Peloton for aerobic exercise and do the online floor exercises with weights for strengthening and it amazes me at the bad forms I see with many of the instructors! Some are really good but some... 🙈😳😱

Beau likes watching me sweat and pulling my hair while I’m doing planks 😆 but he doesn’t do much else other than being cute!

Many people are blissfully ignorant of their bodies and we see a lot of injuries and chronic pain issues at Bull City Soles because they jump in feet first, excited to get started on a weight loss program or just to get fit, but they end up getting hurt because of a lack of body awareness.

Bodywork is not only great for treating chronic pain and injuries but it can also help improve your body awareness. And even after the session is over we provide suggestions, and self-care tips to help clients take the effects of their bodywork beyond their table time with us. Here's an example of a blog, and video showing Self-Massage for Arms & Hands. I’ll be doing a weekly series of videos on #support, #posture, and #awareness to help you in your day-to-day health and wellness goals. You can take these simple tips and apply them during your workouts, at work, and throughout daily life.

What are some things you struggle with? Neck pain during workouts? Or back pain? Comment below and we’ll see if we can help!

Routine bodywork is great for increasing body awareness. Schedule a massage at Bull City Soles with one of our skilled therapists today!


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