3 Ways to Show Love for Valentine's Day

It's February 1 already and you know what's next! Are you ready? Have some ideas for that special day for your loved one? We do!

Valentine's Day Gift Certificates
Valentines Day Gifts

Massage is the PERFECT gift for Valentine's Day! No stress, no busy restaurants, no calories... Here at Bull City Soles, we have a few ways for you to show your loved one how special they are to you. We offer Couple's Massages, Individual Massage Sessions, and we have Special Occasion Gift Bags with gift cards for services with our heated neck/shoulder pillows.

1. Couples Massage

A couple's massage takes place in the SAME room, at the SAME time, each with their own massage therapist. It's a great way to introduce someone to barefoot massage if they are apprehensive about trying it for the first time. They may be more comfortable and able to relax more for their first massage if they are not alone and with someone they trust. This can be a great bonding experience for couples. To schedule a couple's massage, please call 919-477-9887 for availability.

2. Individual Massage

A couple's massage in the same room may not be the best choice for someone who is already comfortable with massage. Some like to talk during their massage and some like silence so they can "zone out" during their massage. She may want to relax to the 'Pride & Prejudice' soundtrack, while you want some Indie Rock with your massage. ;) Hey, it happens! We have multiple treatment rooms, and you may each receive your massage in separate rooms so that your experience can be customized individually for you. Schedule now.

3. Gift Certificates and Gift Bags

Unable to schedule a Couple's massage on Valentine's Day? No worries! We have online Gift Cards that can be purchased in any amount, for any service to be redeemed at another time. You can buy them online or drop by our office Monday through Friday 9 am-2 pm to purchase one. We also have Special Occasion Gift Bags that include a massage Gift Certificate, Biofreeze, and a heated pillow!

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, spots are limited so Book now!

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