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Welcome to Bull City Soles

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We’re excited that you’re here! On this page, you will find some information about how our office works, what our values are, and why we do what we do. 


The owner and founder, Julie H Marciniak, is a Robeson County Lumbee Native, but she's been a Bull City girl for 30+ years since leaving UNC-Chapel Hill.  She graduated in 1992 from the Carolina School of Massage, returned to Rolfing school in 2005, and has been Rolfing bodies ever since. She is also a Barefoot instructor for the Center for Barefoot Massage and is passionate about teaching other massage therapists how barefoot massage can transform their careers. She loves paddle boarding, reading, and the occasional remodeling project. 

To provide specialized barefoot massage, bodywork, and alternative therapies that encourage self-awareness and self-care as tools to address pain and chronic "tissue issues" in the Bull City community.

We also seek to nurture and develop a talented, highly trained, and caring team of barefoot massage therapists capable of helping clients with chronic pain and injuries. 

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  • Dress Attire:  

    • Wear a smile 😊  

    • We are OK with casual wear such as t-shirts or comfy tanks and leggings, as providing barefoot massage can get hot!

    • No clothing advertising other businesses.

    • Non-revealing tank tops are OK as long as nothing is too revealing.

    • Yoga pants, joggers, or capris are perfect. No shorts!

    • Quiet shoes are essential and clean, and manicured feet are a must! No peeling or chipped polish.  

    • Please use proper hygiene without scented body sprays or perfumes out of respect for those with sensitivities. Come showered, groomed, clean, and ready to work.

  • Scheduled Appointments:

    • Arrive 20 minutes before your first scheduled appointment. If your first appointment is scheduled at the beginning of your shift, you must arrive 20 minutes before that. If this is an issue, discuss this with management to modify your schedule accordingly.​ At the beginning of your shift:

      • Clock in

      • Set up the room

      • Check previous SOAP notes or new clients' Intake Forms and the client's music preferences. Each room can have its own music.

      • Greet the client

      • Begin sessions on time. 

  • Appointment Details:

    • Customer service is everything! The little details are essential.

    • Heated table warmers, blankets, heated neck cradles, flax seed hot packs, breast pillows, bolsters, and aromatherapy with essential oils(with permission) or Peace of Mind are used as needed during sessions to provide the best client experience. Client comfort is our #1 priority,  so please take the time to go the extra mile.

  • Between Appointments

    • Sanitize rooms with Force of Nature and Norwex cloths​

    • Replace linens on the bed after each appointment. Put used linens in the washing machine. Start washer if needed. 

    • If there is a clean load of laundry in the dryer and you have time between appointments, fold linens, restock rooms, and refill lotion.

  • Post Appointments/End of Shift:

    • 30 minutes are scheduled after appointments to check out the client, provide after-care information, and reschedule.

      • If the office manager/front desk help is present, they can assist with client check-out if needed.

    • At the end of the shift, complete all SOAP notes in the online system to track the client's progress and turn off heating/electrical devices in the room if no one else is coming in after your shift.

    • Keep all linens (sheets, towels, etc.) laundered, folded, and put away.

    • Leave the room in a clean, uncluttered orderly fashion.

    • Clock out via the online system.

  • Client communication:

    • Inform the client of the proposed treatment plan, if any, and confirm the expected type of massage and the session's length before the client gets on the table.

    • Verbally communicate with clients regarding the pressure of massage during the session and check in with the client about pressure at least twice during the session. 

  • Lunch:  

    • A fridge and microwave are provided in the kitchen.

    • Please make sure to light candles and close both doors to the kitchen BEFORE heating any food. And refrain from heating aromatic food, like fish or foods seasoned with lots of garlic, etc.

    • Keep food in the kitchen, and refrain from eating in the front office. 

    • If you leave the office to get lunch, be sure to clock out when you leave and clock back in before your next appointment. 

    • There are 30-minute breaks scheduled after each massage, and using that time to take lunch or add another 30-min break to the schedule is OK, but for any longer, the employee needs to clock out and clock back in for the next client.

  • Laundry:

    • Team members are expected to assist with laundry washing/folding/stocking rooms during downtime, no-shows, or before or after clients. Using clean linens straight out of the dryer is even better ;).

    • Directions for washing linens and stocking rooms are posted on the cabinets above the laundry machines.

  • Professional Training:

    • Team members must show documents supporting training or technique to be approved for providing at BCS.

    • Barefoot massage is our specialty, and we continually strive to improve our barefoot skills. All therapists will be trained by an authorized Center for Barefoot Massage instructor and/or Julie Marciniak.

    • The team member may provide only the services they have been appropriately trained and licensed to perform. Certification is encouraged as it further increases the therapist's level of competency.

    • Once trained in a barefoot massage level, team members must participate in Durham, NC Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage classes at least one practice round per year.

  • Safety & Security:

    • If a therapist works solo in the office, please lock the front door while in session.

      • If the front office/manager is not present and all therapists are in session, lock the front door. It is the responsibility of the therapist who is present in the front office to make sure the front door is locked between clients. ​

    • There are also panic buttons located in all treatment rooms. The signal goes IMMEDIATELY to the police. 

    • If you are having issues with setting the alarm, contact Julie immediately. She can control the alarm remotely. 

  • Closing the office:

    • If no one else is in the office at the end of the shift, confirm the schedule to ensure no one else is coming in.

    • Ensure all closing procedures are complete and a thorough studio walkthrough is complete before leaving. Including making sure that:

      • All windows are closed and locked

      • ALL office appliances are turned off: Air purifiers, heaters, fans,

      • Sound Machine

        • A remote is hung on the wall right below the front desk window. This remote can turn off/on the sound machine in the hallway behind the blue curtain and the lamp in the lobby. The back of the remote is labeled for the various devices, fans, and the corresponding rooms it controls. ​

      • Aromatherapy diffuser

        • When turning off the Force of Nature diffuser in each room, hit the button three times. Ensure the machine makes no noise and no mist is coming out. Just because the light turns off does not mean the device is entirely off. ​

    • Set the alarm, turn off lights at the front door, and lock the door. After you have set the alarm, it will begin to beep. After the alarm has been armed, you have 60 seconds to leave the building and lock the door before the alarm goes off. ​

  • Team Meetings:

    • Monthly meetings will be scheduled on different days to accommodate various schedules, and team members must attend at least every other month. 

    • If you cannot attend a team meeting, contact Julie and the office manager to notify them. You may join the meeting remotely if possible.

  • Paychecks:

    • Direct deposit is every other Friday for the previous two weeks.

    • A pay stub will be emailed to therapists before payroll is deposited.

  • Communications:

    • Communications are to go through the office manager.

    • When texting, please cc Julie Marciniak in all correspondence.

  • Calling Out / Time Off Request:​

    • We understand that illness, injuries, and emergencies happen. If you cannot come in for a shift, notify the office manager (cc Julie) immediately. 

      • If you feel unwell the night before your next shift, notify management at 5 pm so that clients may be contacted. DO NOT wait until the next day to call out if you are feeling sick the night before. We try very hard to avoid same-day cancelations on clients.​

    • Please request time off at least 30 days in advance. This will allow time for management to block your schedule and reschedule any booked clients.​

  • Employee Discounts and Perks:

    • You get UP TO 30% off services and select retail at BCS and other benefits listed in your contract. You also have free use of Sauna and Cold Plunge before or after scheduled shifts.


In your contract, you will receive details about how to open/close, operate the register, and redeem gift cards. We will also provide a digital version so you can check it wherever you are. Keep this documentation handy!


We hope you enjoy working at Bull City Soles as much as we do. Welcome to our team!


If you found this page because you're looking for a massage job, email your resume to


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